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Are you a School Head or a Science Teacher seeking to bring innovation to your school? Do you want to open your school to the local community and become a hub of innovation, knowledge and awareness on earthquakes and civic protection? The SNAC Summer School aims to offer a high-impact and transformative experience in personal and organizational level through a series of workshops, best practices and challenges focusing on open schooling and the study of earthquakes.

Contributing to your own professional development, we will provide you significant insights and tools to implement the necessary changes and with the intervention skills to best plan and then diffuse innovation in your own school, helping it evolve to an Open Schooling Environment, establishing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles focusing on the study of earthquakes and related awareness.

During the Summer School, personal and individualized support, in addition to the provision to the suite of supporting tools, will empower you to engage in innovative practices and collaborate with fellow participants from other European countries. Instead of suggesting a one‐fits‐all approach to the forms and types of pilot activities, you will learn how to choose existing or design new school-based activities addressing the curriculum areas where you believe that innovation is demanded.

The SNAC Summer School will provide you with a powerful framework to engage, discuss and explore:

  • how your school needs to evolve, transform or reinvent itself, according to the innovation level it is already reached:
    • Innovation & openness for beginners: from individual efforts to holistic action plans
    • Introducing innovation to competent schools: from essential change to acceleration
    • From innovative schools to RRI‐enriched learning commons
  • how your school will facilitate open, more effective and efficient co‐design, co‐creation, and use of educational content, tools and services for personalized learning and teaching

Register to the SNAC Summer School in order to get familiar with the Open Schooling Model which puts emphasis on creating viable change to school settings that lasts and expands. Learn about the Open Schooling approach and prepare your school to participate in a strong school network which are ready to share their experiences with others.

Through the SNAC Summer School Course, you will be given the knowledge and skills to assess existing learning methods and material in your school, to design new innovative ones, and to share, disseminate and reproduce the successful ones on a larger scale.

Accelerators to be Shared
Ideas to be Exchanged

SNAC Summer School 2019

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